exhibition project by Pier Paolo Taddei


Salone del Mobile, Milan

Area 35 Art Factory

2016, April 12 – 17


  • Passiflora


    ► 1968 ► Superstudio ▼ Passiflora was first conceived in December 1966 as part of the exhibition Superarchitettura – a manifesto for Radical Design. One of the…

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  • IMG_9119


    ► 1970 ► Ettore Sottsass Jr ▼ Both in its name and in its sinuous shape, this evocative and erotic ‘vanitas’ is an homage to women’s sensuality…

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  • Joe


    ► 1970 ► De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi ▼ Joe is an armchair designed in the form of a giant baseball glove mounted on invisible wheels. Designers De…

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  • Superonda


    ► 1967 ► Archizoom Associati ▼ Superonda was designed by the group Archizoom Associati and one of the first sofas without a conventional frame. In the name…

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  • gherpe-prodotto3


    ► 1968 ► Superstudio ▼ Gherpe is a lamp that interprets the classical form of the Nautilus shell with a cartoon-like ambiguity. The designer’s intention is to provoke…

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  • Sanremo


    ► 1968 ► Archizoom Associati ▼ Sanremo is a typically ironic piece expressing the aim of Radical Design whose formal characteristics were derived from, or motivated by, the…

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  • Plasma


    ► 2011 ► Nigel Coates ▼ Since the turn of the millennium, Coates began to turn his attention towards products for the home. His output as a…

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  • saratoga-prodotto3


    ► 1964 ► Vignelli Associates ▼ Saratoga is a series which includes an armchair and two, three and four-seater sofas. The designers aimed for the highest linguistic purity by…

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  • split-prodotto3


    ► 1990 ► Ron Arad ▼ …Spaces have been multipled, broken up and diversified. There are spaces today of every kind and size, for all uses and…

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  • Mies


    ► 1969 ► Archizoom Associati ▼ A wedding present to one member of the group from the other Archizoom’s members. This iconic chair not only plays on…

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  • IMG_8823


    ► 2014 ► Prospero Rasulo ▼   ▼ To request a quote please write to the following email address

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Limited Edition Armchair by Pier Paolo Taddei


Tizio Caio e Sempronio

Limited Edition Ashtray, Lamp and Vase by Archizoom Associati


Archizoom Associati was a design studio from Florence, Italy founded in 1966. MORE ►►►
Superstudio was an architecture firm, founded in 1966 in Florence, Italy by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. MORE ►►►
Ettore Sottsass (Innsbruck 14 September 1917– Milano, 31 December 2007) was an Italian architect and designer of the late 20th century. His body of designs included furniture, jewelry, glass, lighting and office machine design. MORE ►►►

Ettore Sottsass Jr

Ultrafragola 1970

Jonathan De Pas, Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi are three Italian designers working since 1966 in the field of industrial design and founded the design studio DDL - De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi in Milan. MORE ►►►

De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi

Joe 1970

Lella and Massimo Vignelli have worked together since 1960: graphic and corporate identity, architecture and exhibitions, interiors, furnishings and products for many international companies and institutions. MORE ►►►

Vignelli Associates

Saratoga 1964

Ron Arad (Tel Aviv, 1951) is an Israeli artist and designer. MORE ►►►

Ron Arad

Split 1990

Pier Paolo Taddei is a designer. In 2001 he founded with Nicola Santini Avatar Architettura (Florence), and in 2015 Disegno/Seriale ltd (London). MORE ►►►

Pier Paolo Taddei

Riiiposo! 2008

Nigel Coates (March 2, 1949 -) is an English architect, author, and prolific designer of interiors, exhibitions, products, and lighting. MORE ►►►

Nigel Coates

Plasma 2011

Prospero Rasulo (Stigliano di Matera in 1953) is an Italian artist and designer. MORE ►►►

Prospero Rasulo

Sly 2014

We have an important mission.
The Centro Studi Poltronova was created in 2005 for two reasons: to archive important documents associated with the original Poltronova Company, and also to make some of its more iconic furniture and lighting pieces available in the marketplace. On these pages you won’t find the elaborate ranges of most other design companies; what you will find is a roster of masterpieces – axiomatic products from the role call of design. The designers of each of these objects channels a personal vision of the world and how to live in. Like a well-cut diamond, every piece flashes with unselfconscious freedom; it releases a depth charge that goes straight to your emotions. Together they constitute a micro-history of italian design. But any historical significance is way outstripped by their sheer power. Each and every piece is as seductive today as the moment it first appeared. Thanks to all the famous names herein and the masterful ones to come, we proudly do justice to these objects by telling their stories one by one, and by manufacturing them with equal amounts of passion, quality, and care. (Roberta Meloni, Florence 2012)

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