► 1970

De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi

Joe is an armchair designed in the form of a giant baseball glove mounted on invisible wheels. Designers De Pas, D’Urbino and Lomazzi wanted to express their admiration for one of the great myths of the collective imagination, the American baseball champion Joe Di Maggio. They succeeded in bringing a game of shape and scale to design that clearly echoes the work of certain American Pop artists. Joe undoubtedly reflects the cultural climate of the late 1960s and the widespread desire to confront the established forms and traditional norms in the name of creativity. Claes Oldenburg, for example, exhibited his hand-sewn sculptures at the Biennale di Venezia in 1964. Joe’s playful strategy paid off with a surprisingly ergonomic and comfortable chair. Semiotically challenging too, it captures the allusive, multi-functional nature of various parts of the human body; the hand both receives and protects. (Read more in Focus)





► 1970 Joe first presented at the 10th Salone del Mobile, Milan
► 1972 Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, Museum of Modern Art, New York
► 2003 1945-2000: Il Design in Italia: 100 Oggetti della Collezione Permanente, Palazzo della Triennale, Milan; travelled to 28 further venues in Europe, Asia and Australia
► 2003 La Fabbrica Bella, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Altman Building, New York
► 2005 Italian Beauty 100 Esemplari al Top, Stadio, Florence
► 2006 50+2Y Italian Design, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
► 2007 50 Years of Italian Chairs, Innocentre, Hong Kong
► 2011 Le Fabbriche dei Sogni, Palazzo della Triennale, Milan
► 2011 Meet Design, Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome; Palazzo Bertalazone, Turin

Triennale di Milano, Milan Museum of Modern Art, New York

► Typology armchair
► Dimension 175x110x95 (h) cm
► Materials steel frame and preformed polyurethane foam padding, cover made from 10 sq meters of high quality soft leather
► Colours wide range of colors

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