► 2011

Nigel Coates

Since the turn of the millennium, Coates began to turn his attention towards products for the home. His output as a designer includes many limited edition pieces. Complying with his desire to express essential qualities, this chair ‘suspends’ a set of cushions of various tones and colours within a steel structure that twists and turns as if a drawing in three dimensions. Plasma is a new very recent piece could only have come into being with help of digital design; it combines graphic simplicity with the highly technical qualities of the frame, which is realised with computer bending and welding. Along with its footstool, this piece is equally relaxing in the house or the garden; the cushion group is upholstered in a two colours, giving dynamism to a symmetrical composition. (Read more in Focus)



► 2011 The Poltronova Connection, Nigel Coates Studio, London
► 2012 Casa Reale, Entratalibera Gallery, Milano; Nigel Coates Studio, London

► Typology armchair
► Dimension 69x84x82,4 h cm
► Materials Powder-coated steel frame, cushions either in outdoor quality fabric or for indoors, in the softest Swedish leather
► Colours white and grey

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