Riiiposo! – Limited Edition

► 2008

Pier Paolo Taddei

Objects can be silent or speaking.
The main characteristic of a speaking object is that it is not easy to use.

Riiiposo! is an armchair with a blanket made of a military coat.

Its name is a resemblance of the word “riposo” when it is spoken loud, as an order. In fact, “riposo” is the Italian word for “rest” or “relax”, also for military commands.

It is a comfortable and warm object but it is disturbing because it tells us uncomfortable things we’d rather not think about.

The country names printed on the backrest and on the seat are not just geographical places. They are war regions. A list of nations involved in ongoing armed conflicts, countries going often to war or temporarily at war.

All this happens while we are comfortably seating in our warm houses.
This is not a moral judgment: but facts stay facts. World conflicts are our conflicts. Our family “micro” system is connected to the big global system. Every single event has consequences for everyone, none excluded.

So, when you are at home, in the pleasing warmth of your Riiiposo! armchair: relax, rest, but never stop thinking! (Read more in Focus)





Armchair, wooden frame and graduated polyurethane, lining tailoring performed using military coats in woolen cloth.

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