► 1968

Archizoom Associati

Sanremo is a typically ironic piece expressing the aim of Radical Design whose formal characteristics were derived from, or motivated by, the semantic manipulation of established socio-cultural meanings. Though attributed to the Archizoom group, this lamp comes from the body of work by Dario Bartolini. He designed it as an engagement present, and gave it to his future bride at an engagement party in the romantic beachside setting of Roccamare in southern Tuscany, Bartolini recalls “Since we were supposed to be practising architects, many people couldn’t grasp what we were up to. In reality many of our objects were created for reasons other than that of architecture: an engagement party, a wedding. Any opportunity was good enough to materialise our vision of the world.” This luminous palm was originally supplied with an electronic device that reproduces the singing of the cricket, a detail that was lost in the process of production. (Read more in Focus)






► 1968 First presented at the 8th Salone del Mobile, Milan
► 1972 Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, Museum of Modern Art, New York
► 2005 Italian Beauty 100 Esemplari Al Top, Stadio, Florence
► 2007 Archizoom Associati 1966–1974, Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne, Lausanne
► 2007 Il Modo Italiano, MART, Rovereto; Musee Des Beaux-Arts De Montreal, Montreal
► 2007-2009 Italian Genius Now, Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi; White House, Singapore; Korean Design Centre, Seoul; Italian Cultural Institute, Tokyo; Xue-Xue Centre, Taipei; Italian Cultural Institute, New Delhi; MACRO, Rome
► 2010 Biennale Internazionale del Design, Palazzo dei Capitani, Ascoli, Italy
► 2012 Italian Genius Now, Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre, Brasil

► Typology floor lamp
► Dimension 38x38x225 (h) cm
► Materials base and trunk in pearlescent lacquered sheet steel, leaves in laser-cut Perspex
► Colours pink, green and light blue (base and trunk)
► Bulbs 1×40 W (max), halogen lamp E27

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