► 1964

Vignelli Associates

Saratoga is a series which includes an armchair and two, three and four-seater sofas. The designers aimed for the highest linguistic purity by contrasting a rigid frame with soft and comfortable, remarkably voluminous, upholstery. Finishes and details have fundamental significance: shiny polyester lacquer gives a sleek piano-like finish while the leather is very soft and sensual to the touch. Standards of quality and durability were fundamental. Refusing any association with fashion, which they regarded as by necessity obsolescent, they strove to express the essence of things through refined minimalism. In an extract from an interview. (E.V.) “We have designed this sofa because we really needed a sofa.” (M.V.) “And the sofa we wanted was one with an architectural character rather than a soft, smooth object.” (E.V.) “A sofa that could be set out in the middle of a room. We didn’t want it to be pushed up against the walls; we wanted it to move around as needed”. (Read more in Focus)



In 2008 Massimo and Lella Vignelli agreed to donate the entire archive of their design work to the Rochester Institute of Technology, near New York. The archive is housed in a new building designed by the Vignellis known as the Vignelli Center for Design Studies which opened in September 2010. Among its many offerings it includes exhibition spaces and

► Typology armchair o two, three and four-seater sofas
► Dimension 90/150/210/270x90x61 (h) cm
► Materials wooden box frame finished in highly reflective polyester lacquer, feather-filled cushions in leather
► Colours black or white box frame, leather in classic “Saratoga orange” or in wide range of colours

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