► 1967

Archizoom Associati

Superonda was designed by the group Archizoom Associati and one of the first sofas without a conventional frame. In the name of a freer way of living encouraged by its undulating surfaces, Superonda is intended to challenge middle class restraint. Like all the objects designed by Archizoom, it aims to inspire creativity and imagination. The cardboard coloured prototype was exhibited in the Superarchitettura show in Pistoia, effectively the manifesto of Italian Radical Design. Its modular character and lightness allow its usage to be changed at will; it can be a bed, a sofa or chaise longue. Corretti comments “The two pieces of the prototype of Superonda were on the factory floor. But how could we fix them together? We tried Velcro, buckles and strings, steel bayonets sunk into the foam. In the end this torment had to stop; we simply set the two pieces free”. (Read more in Focus)



► 1966 Prototype Exhibited In Superarchitettura, Pistoia, Italy
► 1967 First Presented at the 7th Salone del Mobile, Milan
► 1972 Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, Museum of Modern Art, New York 2003 1945-2000 Il Design In Italia: 100 Oggetti della Collezione Permanente del Design Italiano, Triennale di Milano, Milan
► 2003 La Fabbrica Bella, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, Rio de Janeiro; Altman Building, New York
► 2005 Italian Beauty 100 Esemplari Al Top, Stadio, Florence
► 2006 50+2y Italian Design-Namoc, National Art Museum Of China, Beijing
► 2007 Superarchitettura, Archizoom e Superstudio, Carla Sozzani Gallery, Milan
► 2007 Speed: A Arte De La Velocidade Casa Fiat De Cultura, Belo Horizonte
► 2007 Archizoom Associati 1966-1974, École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne, Lausanne, France
► 2007-2009 Italian Genius Now, Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi; White House, Singapore; Korean Design Centre, Seoul; Italian Cultural Institute, Tokyo; Xue-Xue Centre, Taipei; Italian Cultural Institute, New Delhi; MACRO, Rome
► 2008 Design Parade, Villa Noailles, Hyères, France
► 2008 Milano-Torino 1958-1968, Moderne Museet, Stockholm
► 2010 Biennale Internazionale del Design, Palazzo dei Capitani, Ascoli, Italy
► 2011 Le Fabbriche dei Sogni, Palazzo della Triennale, Milan
► 2012 Italian Genius Now, Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre, Brasil

► Typology sofa
► Dimension 240x100x38 (h) cm
► Materials cut from of a block of polyurethane, and covered in shiny leatherette
► Colours white, red or black

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