► 1970

Ettore Sottsass Jr

Both in its name and in its sinuous shape, this evocative and erotic ‘vanitas’ is an homage to women’s sensuality by Ettore Sottsass. It was realised in materials that were unashamedly new: wavy vacuum-formed acrylic sheet and coloured neon light as opposed to the more traditional mirror made from gilded, carved wood. For Sottsass “Life is perceived by the senses before the intellect, and sexuality belongs to that sensorial vocabulary.” He intended this piece to carry deep meaning and yet carry a modern simplicity. In the home the object would assume a ritual value, as if it had sprung from the ancient oriental cultures in to the present. Ultrafragola was the only production piece from the Mobili Grigi collection that Sottsass designed for Poltronova in 1970 yet still looks as fresh today. (Read more in Focus)





► 1970 Eurodomus, Palazzo dell’Arte, Milan
► 1971 Domus Italian Design, Harrods, London
► 1972 Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, Museum of Modern Art, New York
► 2003 La Fabbrica Bella, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, Rio de Janeiro; Altman Building, New York
► 2004 I Maestri. Design Italiano, Triennale di Milano travelling exhibition
► 2004 Radical Design, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno, Arezzo, Italy
► 2005 Sottsass Progetti 1946-2005, MART, Museo di Arte Moderna di Trento e Rovereto
► 2006 Italy Made In Art: Now, Contemporary Arts and Industrial Design, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
► 2006 Ettore Sottsass Architect And Designer, LACMA, Los Angeles
► 2007 Plexiglass, Werkstoff In Architektur Und Design, Darmstadt
► 2007 Ettore Sottsass, Vorrei Sapere Perché, Salone degli Incanti, Ex Pescheria, Trieste
► 2010 Biennale Internazionale del Design, Radical Memories, Ascoli, Italy
► 2011 Creative Junctions, National Museum of China, Beijing
► 2011 Meet Design, An Italian Story, Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Roma; Palazzo Bertalazone, Turin
► 2011 Le Fabbriche Dei Sogni, Triennale di Milano, Milan

► Typology mirror with neon light
► Dimension 100x13x195 (h) cm
► Materials vacuum-formed opaline acrylic
► Colours white opaline, pink neon

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